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The CTO of CoreWillSoft Aleksandr Kozlov has recently visited SecurityExpo 2021 in Munich and brought interesting industry insights.

The objective of the SecurityExpo is to demonstrate the safety and security technology that protects from internal and external criminal attacks.

The trade fair is focused on:

  • Building Security, Entrance Control, CCTV, Fire Prevention
  • Perimeter Protection, IT- Security
  • Alarm Equipment, Smart Home Security

We noticed that this year more and more companies are getting to know us, and this is truly exciting! Digitalization trends are becoming more obvious. 

This year has brought a plethora of software solutions to the market in comparison to the last one. Software-only integrations over REST API, MQTT, or Web-Socket are becoming a strong trend. Digitalization is spreading all over the security industry. 

Our most unexpected and exciting exchange took place with the Security Robotics Development & Solutions GmbH. This company is demonstrating the real future of the industry while using robots from Boston Dynamics for facility security patrolling and visitor welcoming experience. It was a very productive exchange that has brought numerous new ideas, such as robot authentication within the company’s security ecosystem. We’re looking forward to having a valuable partnership. 

As a recap, the industry is trending towards usable software, open integrations, and even using mechanisms as robots and drones instead of humans!

CoreWillSoft team will visit SecurityExpo’s 19th edition in June 2022 since it’s a great hub for the physical security industry!

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