Automation and integration

Automation & integration for your IT systems

Automation and integration

For a perfect interaction of all systems

The IT infrastructure in most companies is in continual expansion. This ensures that all business processes are well organized and run efficiently. However, these are often separate processes. By integrating these, you can further increase their usefulness. Another possibility is to automate the processes. In this way, little human intervention is necessary. That lowers production costs. At CoreWillSoft, we offer you the right solutions for this.


What are the advantages of automation and integrations for your business?

Automation enables systems to be controlled much more efficiently and reliably. This term often appears when we talk about Industry 4.0. Networked machines can use process automatization to solve many tasks without human intervention. Building automation also offers numerous options for making the management of the premises in your company more efficient.

Another service available is the integration of various systems and processes, that are used, for example, to control production, access control, accounting and personnel management. However, they often rely on the same data, e.g. on employee records stored in Active Directory (LDAP) or SAP software. It can also happen that one of these systems throws up the data and another uses it for its tasks. It therefore makes sense to design the individual middleware programs in such a way that they can communicate with each other and exchange data. The integration reduces the effort involved in manually transferring this information, ensures that the data is available more quickly, and that fewer errors occur during transmission. The reduction in transmission errors leads to higher data quality.

Implement automation and integration together

The essential components of property protection

At first glance, there are a lot of differences between automatization and integration. However, it is advisable to carry out both tasks together. That is why at CoreWillSoft we also offer you these services combined. Integration is often the foundation for automation.

For example, in a traditional access control system, adding or removing employees from the system can be labor-intensive, resulting in high administrative costs. Automating access management, you can automatically assign the rights depending on the role of the new employee. Therefore, the access control system needs the relevant information from the HR department as soon as a new employee is hired. For this reason, it is necessary to integrate the systems beforehand. In this way, it can automatically retrieve all data and adjust the rights for the new employees without human intervention.

automation integration

This example shows that it is advantageous to plan and implement integration and automation together. At CoreWillSoft, we always work according to this principle. We can also make these adjustments retrospectively for existing systems.


RFID is a technical system that can be used to read and store data without contact. The data does not have to be seen or touched, as it is transmitted exclusively via radio frequency identification. An RFID system usually consists of a transponder and an RFID reader.

Bluetooth is a special method of transmitting data via radio. This eliminates the need for a cable connection between two devices. Bluetooth can transmit any type of data, including music.

NFC or “Near Field Communication” is a contactless data transmission that makes use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. The globally standardized frequency is 13.56 MHz. Transmission ranges of around five to ten centimeters are possible.

CoreWillSoft's services for integration and automation

At CoreWillSoft we offer you comprehensive software integration services

We plan integrated systems from scratch, or adapt existing software accordingly. The focus here is on the development of interfaces (APIs) and Identity Management Systems. Our API design ensures a high level of security, so that attackers cannot penetrate your systems in this way. Additionally, our service for API development leads to efficient structures that pay off financially.

Our services also include hardware integration. Via IoT gateways, we make it possible to integrate a wide range of devices into your IT infrastructure that have previously been working offline.

We offer comprehensive services in the field of automation and digitalization. These range from building automation through to the automatic implementation of production and business processes. You are also welcome to contact us for services in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčautomatic device management and provisioning software.

One of our central areas of activity is the implementation of physical access control systems, and these are particularly beneficial when they work together with other systems. Therefore, we take on the integration with identity management solutions, personnel management systems and other services.

At CoreWillSoft, we are experienced in integrating and automating physical security systems. We develop holistic concepts that ensure optimal interaction between integration and automation.

API development

IoT Gateways

Physical Access

Security automation

High security with minimal effort

At CoreWillSoft, we also take care of security automation. Our service increases the protection of your systems and at the same time lowers maintenance costs. To do this, we first carry out security audits to find the weak points in the IT infrastructure. Security Management Systems (SIEMS) detect threats defined as use case critical for your business and we react to these findings appropriately.

This not only relieves your IT department. Automatic security checks also mean that you can identify vulnerabilities much earlier and more reliably. This makes it possible to ward off many attacks and in this way to ensure comprehensive security.