Security concepts for your company

Advisory on a holistic security concept

Professional Consultation

In addition to the implementation of various services in the areas of physical security and cybersecurity, CoreWillSoft offers you consultancy services on various security topics. This is ideal for companies that want to take care of the implementation of their security concept themselves, but who still need a little additional expertise.

Improve the security concepts through our consultancy services

A reliable security concept is fundamental

The implementation of a reliable security concept is fundamental in the protection and well-being of your business. This can be outsourced to an external service provider who specializes in this task, or it can be kept in-house.

At CoreWillSoft we design and implement comprehensive security concepts for your business. But even if you would like to tackle the implementation internally, we can provide suitable assistance. You may have specialists within your company who are well versed in the implementation of individual security measures and who implement them correctly, howeverbut this does not always leads to adequate protection. On the one hand, there is often a lack of experience to reliably identify and eliminate all security flaws. On the other hand, they often only focus on a single area. As a result, not all security aspects are addressed.

This is where our consultancy services can help. We have already successfully implemented numerous security projects. Our experts carry a high level of specialist knowledge and experience that makes it possible to develop comprehensive concepts that your internal employees can use as a basis for their own work.

Physical Security Consultancy Services

Physical security is our core area. We advise you on protective measures for the company premises, for the parking lots and for the entrances to the building, as well as on office security. We also support you in setting up access control systems and video surveillance. Our analysis contributes to a considerable risk reduction in these areas. We design security systems that can meet a wide range of requirements – such as protection against vandalism, terrorism or fire.

To this end, our concepts are not limited to a single system. We plan systems for physical access control, video surveillance, fire protection, visitor management and other aspects. Taken alone, these ensure a high level of security in their respective area, but by integrating all of these systems into a holisticuniform concept, we ensure increased protection.

In advising our clients, we cater to their specific requirements, offering a bespoke solution. Firstly, we determine your security needs. We determine whether there is any critical infrastructure that requires specialist protection. We then examine the existing security infrastructure. On this basis, we develop a concept that fits your company’s requirements perfectly.


RFID is a technical system that can be used to read and store data without contact. The data does not have to be seen or touched, as it is transmitted exclusively via radio frequency identification. An RFID system usually consists of a transponder and an RFID reader.

Bluetooth is a special method of transmitting data via radio. This eliminates the need for a cable connection between two devices. Bluetooth can transmit any type of data, including music.

NFC or “Near Field Communication” is a contactless data transmission that makes use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. The globally standardized frequency is 13.56 MHz. Transmission ranges of around five to ten centimeters are possible.

Assisting with the implementation of cybersecurity

Lack of experience can make decision-making difficult

Our experts also take care of your business’ cybersecurity needs. There are several aspects to consider. On the one hand, a logical access control is required. This prevents people who are already on the corporate premises from gaining unrestricted access to the IT infrastructure. Therefore, they have to authenticate themselves with a chip card or a password. On the other hand, cybersecurity includes the defense against attacks via the network.

Physical security is our main focus. In order to implement this, however, it is essential to consider cybersecurity. Even very reliable access control would be worthless if hackers could easily gain access to the administration system due to a lack of cybersecurity. We therefore also meet the highest safety standards in this area and have recognized experts for this task.

In the area of ​​cybersecurity in particular, a lack of experience can make decision-making difficult. Inexperienced employees find it difficult to identify problems and correctly assess security risks. Our advisory service in this area therefore contributes to significantly better protection.

Another aspect that we offer advice on is software security. Many applications have considerable security gaps and are therefore an obvious target. If you develop these yourself in-house, we will support you in designing concepts for secure software development.


Our concept for a high level of security with excellent user-friendliness

We developed the SECUSE concept to combine a high level of security with optimal ease of use. This designation stands for Security + Usability. The security measures often ensure good protection, but at the expense of user-friendliness. This means that many employees do not implement the measures to the extent required.

The basic idea at SECUSE is that the measures for the implementation of security are subjected to periodic tests. Different teams alternately check the software for aspects of security and user-friendliness. These adjustments are then made until both aspects are met to the same extent.